Legal Language and Communication: Discourse and Social Implementation

Dr. Sonia Kaul Shali
Faculty of Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
Gandhinagar, Gujarat , India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

This paper discusses the legal discourse and Communication as a research device. It also investigates theoretical, descriptive and applied issues of legal discourse and communication manifested in different languages, cultures, systems and societies. Given the central role played by language in the creation of socio-legal reality, learning in this series will focus on synchronic and diachronic forms of linguistics and structures of written and spoken discourse as a system of communication and action within and across the academic, professional and institutional boundaries of law. This paper also focuses on original, high-quality work in legal discourse and communication as well as extending to other social categories where the extensive logical areas are involved. It therefore, also promotes theories and methods taken from, but not restricted to, text and (critical) communication analysis, genre analysis, discussion analysis, corpus-based analysis, socio-linguistics, ethnographic, arbitration discourse analysis. These ‘multi-modal’ approaches to discursive accounts of legal language and communication in social and cultural formations expand to include rhetoric/argumentation analysis, multilingualism and translation/explanation and provide a medium for analysis across a broad spectrum of humanities and social science disciplines.


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