Legal Fraternity Post-COVID: Indian Perspective

Malavika .K
SASTRA deemed to be university, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The novel coronavirus has impacted our normal lives immensely that change is the need of the hour.  People have been adapting to changes in this Covidian era and it shows that certain necessities have enabled our search towards possibility and dynamicity. The pandemic has brought forth a situation that entails digitalization a much needed key in the legal sector to carry on the activities. This has created an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled technologies across the globe. This blend of technology with the legal system will have an astonishing effect on the legal fraternity. In India, the dynamicity brought in by digitalization and AI tech driven revolution can be the game player in leveling up the legal arena. This article attempts to deal with two main changes the pandemic has compelled to bring in namely digitalization and AI technologies in the legal system. Further, it tries to evaluate the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring in and also throws some light on the international scenario regarding usage of AI and digitalization.  The article also analyses the restraints that exist in implementing these changes in the Indian legal sector and finally concludes by answering the conventional question of whether these changes will ultimately replace a lawyer’s role and job in the upcoming years.