Legal Aspects of Dowry in India

Rajat Shandilya
Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

In the modern society, the situation that we witness today was once full of rituals tradition and practices, though not all of them seem feasible to establish their existence in the 21st century. Countless tradition custom and practices seem to have lost on the way as they were unable to and get adapted with changing diasporas. One of them is the concept of ‘DOWRY’, yet it has firm existence in the society these days. It is a well acknowledged fact that when any ritual, practice or tradition gets deep rooted in the society then subsequently it provides a room for dissent. There have been many active measures taken by the government of India to curb this social evil. Several laws, acts, enactments have been introduced but all this has ended up of being of no use. This paper aims to analyse to ‘concept of dowry and all the important statutes and provisions relate to it’. A holistic approach is adopted while working on this paper and best efforts are put in to explain the concept in the light of judicial pronouncements and analogical deductions. Also some major statistics are included within this paper to make the readers aware about the actual numbers regarding the victims of various crimes in connection with the demand of dowry. This paper also contains various suggestive and reformatory measures which can leave a positive impact in strengthening the anti-dowry laws in India. The paper has within itself best level of clarity and is written using the ‘qualitative method of research’ which was best suited to bring out the complete picture out of the entire research paper, Hope that this piece of work turns out to be fruitful to many intellectual minds.                       

Keywords: Dowry, Culture and tradition, Women, Violence, Social evil.