Leadership Styles, Qualities, and Characteristics of the World Great Leaders with Constitutional and Judicial Flavors

Prof. Dr. D. Nagarathinam
Principal, Theni Kammavar Sangam College of Tech., Theni, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The Constitution of a Country may be Unitary or Federal. Unitary Constitution gives all the powers to Central Government. It is more or less like Autocratic style leadership. Federal means partnership or alliance. In Federal Constitution the powers are distributed between central and state. It is more or less like democratic leadership style. A leader is one who heads a country or an organisation or a department. Leadership is his ability or capability to transfer his vision into a reality. The leadership style is the manner and approach of giving instruction, counseling, direction, implementing plans, and motivating people to achieve the goal of the country or goal of the organization. This paper presents the different types of leadership styles and the qualities, and characteristics of the world great leaders with examples from Constitutions and Judicial.

Keywords: Leadership style, Unitary, Federal, Juvenile, Unity in Diversity.