Judicial Approach to the Interface between Freedom of Press and Privacy

Raashi Vishal Agarwal
 SVKM’S Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
School of Law, Navi Mumbai

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The research paper talks about the detailed analysis of the judicial approach to the dilemma between freedom of press and right to privacy. Freedom of press comes under the wider umbrella of freedom of speech and expression. The concept of Fundamental Rights has raised in order to protect the individual rights against the excess of the state. The Fundamental rights protect and aim to protect the individual form of injustice and oppression. The idea of such rights is to ensure that a person may have a minimum guaranteed freedom. The concept of fundamental rights has emerged from the “Constitution of USA drafted in 1787”, therefore the concept of fundamental rights represents a trend in the modern democratic thinking. It also ensures basic civil rights. In all the fundamental rights “Freedom of speech and expression” is considered to be the first condition of liberty. The researcher tries to link the freedom of speech and expression of the press to right to privacy and defamation. Under, freedom of press the paper also explain the concept of yellow journalism or fake journalism and its effect of freedom of press and right to privacy.

Keywords: Privacy, Freedom, Expression, Defamation, Censorship, Advertisement, Constitution.


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