Interplay of the Impact of Globalisation and the Efficiency of employees from Human Resources Perspective

Sandeep Golani
National Law University Odisha
Cuttack, India 

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

When an organisation globalises during Mergers and Acquisitions, it has a bearing upon the efficiency of employees of organisation which are the essential assets of an organisation. The Human Resource Department plays an imperative role at this juncture. This paper analyses the efficiency aspects of human resource management during the mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it is analysed that how transformation takes place in Human Resource Department by virtue of talent acquisition, talent management, and employee engagement. Further, how Human Resource Department converts itself from being a transactional department to a strategic one amidst the influence of internal and external environment and under the circumstances where employees experience expatriation and estrangement during globalisation This paper follows the doctrinal approach, focusing on the secondary resources which facilitate in examining global issues in three mergers viz. Vodafone and Idea merger, and Walmart-Flipkart Merger from the Human resource perspective.. Further this paper analyses Multinational enterprise issues from Human Resource perspective to bring about the factors responsible for the success and failure in an organisation.


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