International Terrorism: A Pragmatic Perspective

Helen Mary Varghese and Rizlana Nazar PV
School of Legal Studies, CUSAT, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Terrorism has led to deliberate concerns over the cost of humanity especially with devastating consequences to individuals’ and society’s’ enjoyment of basic rights and security. International terrorism has passed through leaps and bounds in the past decade with rise and decline of many terrorist groups, growing fatalities, expanding terrorism to wider regions and also ever-increasing state unrest and civil wars. The concept of terrorism however cannot be specifically defined. The social, political, economic, religious and psychological factors of various regions attribute to the root cause there. In this paper, we examine the major funding and aiding sources of terrorism, women and terrorism, humanity crisis as an impact of terrorist activities, and growing trends in terrorist activities. Furthermore, we tend an exploratory analysis to the extent to which terrorism and civil war overlap and unpack various temporal and spatial patterns. The world is now refuting this demonic act which could be seen through the counterterrorism and counterinsurgency activities of state legislations. We also look into various implementations, legislations, resolutions and task forces setup to counter terrorist activities.​y