Injunction against Municipal Corporation & Gram Panchayats ​

Jitendra Kumar and Jutirani Talukdar
Symbiosis Law School Pune, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

This study presents a quantitative assessment of the quantitative ban and the gram panchayat ban on municipal cooperation. An injunction is a court order that requires a person to do or renounce an act necessary for justice, and failing to do so would violate sincerity and conscience. Basically, the purpose of granting an injunction is to restore the party’s infringement of rights, thereby causing insufficient money or compensation. It follows the principles of natural justice and fairness. The concept of an injunction is a very simple concept, and the relief granted is a preventive concept. Specifically, CRPC, CPC and the “Special Relief Law” have injunctions and regulations based on prescribed laws. Each of these regulations provides some form of prohibition depending on the situation and circumstances.

Keywords: injunction, against municipal cooperation, gram panchayat, justice, good faith, good conscience, Natural Justice, Equity.