Inheritance Rights of Transgender: A Cry of Humanity

Rupal Sharma
Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, Haryana, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

Transgender community in India has a great history where they enjoyed dignity and privileges during one period and abolishment of the same in other. According to Hindu mythology and text there are three identified genders- Male, Female, and Trans but the laws provide protection to just male and female. Transgender people have their own struggle and fight for their rights as a human and a normal being. One such right is the right to inherit property from their parents or family. This paper will discuss the lacuna in the prevailing legislature which does not recognize transgender rights in the field of inheritance laws according to their gender identity as Trans. The paper further investigates the initiative taken by various international organization and countries for the upliftment of the transgender. The paper will also talk about the latest Supreme Court judgment for recognition of LGBTQ and the transgender bill introduced in the year 2016.


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