Information Asymmetry of the Intellectual Property Assets

Mukul Rani Parajuli
Master of Chinese Law, Zhejiang University, China
LL.M (IPR) O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

This paper proposes for a first-hand document of Intellectual Property (IP) Due diligence prepared by each department dealing with the management of IP assets. This document aims to ensure efficient management of the IP asset that creates a safe haven for the seller, buyer and growing market of IP assets. This paper identifies the role of IP audit and the problems of asymmetry information faced by the external expert auditor. This paper applies the theory of Information asymmetry in the economics literature to address the problems during the process of IP Audit. This paper further increases the scope of the IP audit and due diligence study under the theory of economics.

Keyword: Information Asymmetry, Intellectual Property assets, IP due diligence, IP Audit, First-hand IP due diligence


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