Infobahn Related to Matron

Avinash ray and Yusra Khatoon
Amity University Lucknow Campus, Uttar Pradesh, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Cyber space meaning the world connected through internet networks. Cybercrimes against women are on lifted women had been drastically victimization in the cyber space. Some executioner tries to slander women by using chat rooms, websites developing pornographic videos where women are described in negotiating position mostly constructed without their consent, spoofing e-mails, morphing of images for pornographic content etc. The gender sinner looks for their prey on social network websites, & also on job or marriage websites where people stud their personal information for better odds. The admission of personal information has made women more disaster of cybercrime. The realization of the individuals in regard to the law & policy in this concern is the prime objective & which will mull over the status of India. All confining the regulatory field is colossal body of academic crematory chew over privacy issues in cyberspace from a variety of relative importance. India is among very few countries to enact Information Technology Act, 2000 to rim cybercrimes. The world of internet looks after every user all the mandatory information hasty communication and splitting tool making it most plum sources of information. With the rife’ elevation of internet, the crime proving internet poses a great peril to individuals. Cybercrime is a global & women are the soft use of this new form of security onus against women. A conceptual model of cyber victimization of Indian women is put forward as a proposal. Cybercrime is turning up as call for national & economic preservation.

Keywords: Cybercrime, Information Technology Act 2000, Women, Victimization