Industrialization and the Environment

Symbiosis Law School, Pune
Maharashtra, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

Time changes the day, now days everyone is too busy in their own profession that they had no concern about the surroundings they stay, the environment scenario they live in except making themselves healthy and wealthy. Earlier the people’s surrounding and environment were free from all types of pollution. Ages ago people only wanted their basic needs that is food, cloth and shelter. They didn’t need what the today’s generation kids demand. But as the time changes, demand increases. So, to fulfil new generations demand, numbers of industries, factories and machinery setups had been installed all-over the country. Due to which the impact of industrialization on environment had led the way with certain positive and large negative outcomes. The formation of industrialization leads to creation of massive pollution and exhausting the earth’s resources. Global warming and greenhouse effects are the result, of industrialization on the environment. Rapid growth of industries is leaving harmful effect on the human life by polluting air and water. This article is particularly going to deal with the industry situated mainly in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh which are the foremost reason of creation of massive pollution due to which India’s holiest river, the Ganga turns black.


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