Indications and Factors Involving Sexual Harassment of Women in India: An Analysis of State Maharashtra

Rahul D. Gangurde
LLM Student, Department of Law, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Women were always subjected and judged on their body types. In the olden times, especially in America, we see the trend that the women were supposed to be dressed and styled in a particular way. She had to cook for the family, buy groceries and look absolutely perfect for the husband, when he arrived in the evening. They were discouraged to get a formal education. They weren’t asked any opinion on matter of money, policies, economics, sports etc, because they were women, they only knew how to cook. Numerous examples from the television adds, movies showcases and portrays the dimension of woman. They were looked for ‘sex’, they were supposed to look glamorous, with heels and lipsticks and short clothes. Few of the images below showcases the actual picture. Sadly, the phase is yet not over in many parts of the world. This constitutes as a form of sexual harassment but women refuse to surrender to this thought of thinking. Even if a woman complains, she is asked to be silent, called dumb, having a person with no humour etc, which was long ignored by woman and men. Sexual harassment is a problem long manifested, which creates a problem not only in the working condition of an office but also on the mind of a woman. This paper is an attempt to analyse the factors and indication of sexual harassment with reference to State Maharashtra. In doing so, it will also critique the laws relating to sexual harassment.