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International Journal of Law Management & Humanities has become the 1st private Indian Law Journal to provide FREE DOI with the introduction of its revolutionary concept of Digital Object Identifier in the Indian Legal Publication Industry FREE OF COST.


International Journal of Law Management & Humanities has always been at forefront of introducing the best services for all the Author(s). It introduced INDEXING to Indian Legal Journals and got indexed in 16 databases, including prestigious platforms like MANUPATRA, ROAD, and GOOGLE SCHOLAR. In the three years of establishment, IJLMH has always kept Processing charges affordable while providing the industry’s best publishing services.


What is DOI?

A continuing criticism of the Web is the problem of broken links. The DOI addresses this by assigning an identifier that is separate from the location of the item. A registry system of DOIs contains metadata and a resolution link to the actual content. If the content’s location changes, the resolution link can be easily updated in one place, and all existing links to it will still work.A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet.


Benefits of DOI

  • DOI increases the authenticity of an article, which gives a specific virtual address and identity to a particular article. It increases the visibility in various databases.
  • DOI is helpful to validate and locate your Research Paper.
  • DOI increases the acceptance of scholarly data as authorized, lawful and citable material.
  • The legitimacy of the articles and its reputation is increased with DOI.
  • With the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), your paper is linked on the Internet permanently.
  • The DOI link also increases citation capacity worldwide.
  • List of the article that does not have a DOI link may lose citation impact, which may also lead to decreased H- index capacity.
  • Enables every published article to cite appropriately, thus providing an accurate number of citations and increasing the visibility of the published work, directly affecting the impact factor of the Author and journal.
  • It provides proper indexation and citation to the article.
  • Article with DOI can be accessible from any list (libraries, colleges, and universities worldwide)

Why should you choose IJLMH?

  • Only Law Journal providing FREE Digital Object Identifier.
  • Indexed at 16 Databases including MANUPATRA, Google Scholar, ROAD
  • International standards of Editorial Process. – See a recent paper here.
  • Has an Impact Factor of 4.895.
  • Affordable Charges, Professional Services.
  • Review Results within 2-3 days.
  • Quick Publication than most of the International Journals.
  • Instant E-certificate of publication, quick support.
  • Most Articles rank at TOP in Google, hence increased visibility and recognition.

You can now get published on a Journal indexed in 16 databases, including MANUPATRA, ROAD, and GOOGLE SCHOLAR, and providing FREE DOI.

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