India-Russia Bilateral Relations

Aditya Sharma
New Law College, BVDU, Pune

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

In Relations between India and Russia are planted in history, mutual trust and mutually gain cooperation, and which possess the support of the citizen of both countries. Russia has been a long standing and demonstrable partner for India. Development of India-Russia relations has been a key pillar of India’s foreign policy.[1] Traditionally, the Indo-Russian strategic partnership has been built on five major components: politics, defence, civil nuclear energy, anti-terrorism co-operation and space[2] but after the signing of “Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership” in October 2000, India-Russia bond have acquired a approximately change face with enlarging levels of cooperation in almost all sites of the bilateral relationship consisting political, security, defense, trade and economy,  science and technology, and culture.


[1] Bilateral Relations: India-Russia Relations, Embassy of India, Moscow, Russia, (December, 2019) (Last visited on Apr 27, 2020)

[2]  Speech given by former Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai in Russia, (April 29, 2020; 01:43 IST),


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