Impact of Bio-Medical Waste Management on Corona Virus in India: A Critical Analysis

Aakaansha Arya
Bennett University, India
Gaurang Mandavkar
Bennett University, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

The Supreme court of India through several judgements has propounded Right to clean environment as a Fundamental Right. Environmental pollution is a menace to our society, one of the major contributors to this hazardous pool is the pharmaceutical industry. The rise in the population, patients, healthcare facilities and extensive research and production of medicines has resulted to an exponential increase in the volume of the waste. The lack of management and implementation of the law has made the situation even worse. For effective management of the waste it is important that there is government support, finance, infrastructure, well equipped healthcare facilities, educated healthcare workers and strong regulatory bodies.

In the ensuing discussions in the paper, the authors will elaborate upon the legal framework of the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules and its implementations amidst the Corona Virus outbreak in India. Further the authors would highlight the response of the judiciary and the significant international convention pertaining to the issue at hand. The paper argues that there has been a lack of implementation of the law and, that the bio-medical waste needs to be managed appropriately, especially, now during the Corona Virus Pandemic.


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