Ideas for Strengthening Democracy

Shakshi Shreya
Delhi Metropolitan Education, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
New Delhi, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

India being the largest democracy in the world is also believed to be one of the dilapidated Democracies in the world as well. My concern is, being aware of the fact that India is a Constitutional Democracy there is a strong persistence of consistent violations of the democratic principles at each tier by the Politicians and the system and what makes it worse is there is no accountability of people responsible for it. Democratic violations are a regular newspaper subjects, not just violations, series of lacuna have abrupted the entire system. Few ideas of strengthening Democracy won’t suffice the vast cramping’s of Democracy. It requires a head to toe review and restructuring specially in relation to electoral reforms. Electoral reforms are a sector which spread its roots in all the directions. Hence, watering them should result in a collective strengthening of the Democracy. The Ideas to strengthen the Democracy are infinite but my paper sticks to few ideas which will enlarge the scope of change in the Democracy. This paper covers the change we seek in judiciary, legislature, elections and social reforms on the grassroot level.l


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