Human Trafficking, Its Issues and Challenges in India: A Study from Human Rights Perspective

Abhishek Singh Bhadouriya
Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur
Chattisgarh, India

Volume II – Issue III, 2019

Since ages, Human trafficking has been prevalent in the society. It is a curse for the whole country that leads to unending sufferings which not only lower the physical strength but also feeble the mental status of a person. Growth and development are the words which are unknown to their world. They have to suffer discrimination and humiliation to a large extent. It is a serious contemporary social justice and human rights issue. A recent U.S. government report estimated that as many as 27 million persons around the world are victims of human trafficking. It is highly important to protect their basic human rights and provide them with such environment that paves way for their consistent growth and protect them from atrocities of the world. In the current scenario, though there are various laws and government policies working towards the betterment of such people yet there are various hurdles in the path. Therefore, there is a need to generate a better understanding of an issue like this in order to provide for a status to all the victims of human trafficking in the country and to promote their growth and development. The paper discusses the manifold difficulties faced by the victims of trafficking in India while many of whom face intimidation, shame, difficulty in prosecution, high likelihood of re-victimization in their own country. The paper ultimately concludes that broader, victim-based initiatives are necessary both to assist victims and to provide a firm basis for the future trafficking prosecutions. Thus it aims to analyze the status of human trafficking laws in India and the issues and challenges faced by the victims in the country.


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