Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups in SAARC Region

Basudeb Roy
JCC Law College, Kolkata; affiliated to University of Calcutta, India
Rakesh Sharma
Department. of Law, University of North Bengal, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

As human rights are equally applicable to all the human being on this planet, irrespective of religion, sex, caste, race, place of birth etc., it is the duty to all human beings to protect the rights of each other. Here, this Article is focused on the countries of SAARC region and their vulnerable groups, as the numbers of cases of violation of human rights are highest in this region. There are various reasons behind these violations in different countries. Relations between and among the nations, social, economic, political and religious conditions and cultures or customs are responsible for this. Besides this, victims of war also fall under this category and sometimes State laws are also responsible for violation of human rights. As the weaker sections of societies are the prime victims, almost every State has adopted some International laws, Declarations, Treaties along with their own laws to protect the vulnerable sections of the society. In addition to all the foregoing, it is the duty of all to protect the rights of others who are not able to protect their own right and not to violate the rights of other people. For this purpose, proper education, wide knowledge and total awareness is needed to promote the human rights and in this regard the governments and NGOs should take initiatives to regulate, monitor and proper implementation of human rights. Until an individual gives a full scope to another person to enjoy his or her right as a human being, that very person cannot claim his rights as a human being.


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