Human Rights of Prisoners: Is there actually such a thing?

Sidhant Vermani & Deepali Sinha
Amity Law School, Amity University, Lucknow, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

Human rights is such a field which is gradually gaining the attention of many, but when it comes to such rights of prisoners the whole concept somehow vanishes and what remains is just the term “prisoners”. Even in this 21st century where we strive to grant equal rights to everyone and different nations giving eye catching statements about democracy and equal treatment,  there is hardly any attention being diverted towards such basic human rights of prisoners. Everyone seems to have forgotten that these prisoners are still human beings like us and deserve to be treated equally. There are a number of laws and legislations emerging from both domestic and international organisations, yet why is that no one is actually getting any noticeable results from the same? In this paper we have critically analysed the conditions of these prisoners with reference to cases showing how their basic human rights are being violated. The information about the available provisions which are supposed to be followed are stated and the main focus of this paper is to somehow make people aware of the conditions these prisoners are living in and to educate people about why and how their rights must also be protected. We have adopted a structured approach stating what actually these rights mean, how they are violated and finally how these rights can be protected. The issue of human rights of prisoners is quite eye catching and is something which can attract different views from different people from all the spheres of life. Focus of this paper is to make every person whether a layman or an expert in this field aware of the importance of such rights.


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