How to Choose the Appropriate Media Format​​

Rajvi Somani
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, India
Arnav Avasthy
Amity Law School, Noida, India

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Media format is one of the techniques through which important information is disseminated from original source to its final receiver. Before we proceed with choosing the right media format. Let us discuss what does the term media means.  Nickolas Luhmann “defined media as “those institutions which make use of copying technologies to disseminate communication.” Luhmann captures the “efficient” or “economical” aspect of mass media. Media are anything, “provided that they generate large quantities of products whose target groups are yet undetermined.” The history of media can be traced back to 12th century where news was communicated from one mouth to the other. Merchants, Traders, and Travellers travelling to far lands fetched information on various subjects. In the 18th century newspapers and magazines were the primary sources through which information at large extent can be communicated to masses. However, years later as the technology has undergone a major revolution there are various ways in which information can be disseminated. Development of radio communications, satellite navigation and better connectivity helps us in providing with the real time update of any event around the world. One of the primary examples of this is the cricket match which can now be live streamed from any device right at the comfort of your home. Many news channels and newspapers which had conventional ways of imparting news have now shifted their focus from the traditional to modern approach. Many news applications provide you the news in a consolidated form instead of reading the long articles. As the technology has undergone a major evolution there are numerous media formats through which story or happening of an event can communicated to the public at large without any delays. Through this article we would like to elucidate various media formats and how to choose an appropriate format..