Healthy Life Still Remains a Distant Dream for Women in India

Meghna Sharma
Symbiosis Law School, Noida, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Women in India have made a lot of progress in almost all sectors of economy. They have created a niche in art, science, business or corporate world. But, it is heart wrenching to see that, they are still wrapped in the stereotypes prevailing in the society. Sometimes, these stereotypes and discrimination against women lead to major health issues which are either less known about or not acted upon. India still bears the pain to see the various practices like hysterectomy or female genital mutilation (FGM) being still practiced in the nation. India is currently under the impact of a contagious virus, COVID-19. The public and the authorities have acted upon eliminating the virus and treating the patients with utmost urgency because there is a fear of losing lives on a large scale as the virus is contagious. But, sadly when it comes to addressing the health issues associated with practices like prostitution or child pornography, the authorities even after making laws against it lack implementation. A large number of women in India have either lost their lives or the quality of their lives due to major health issues with are a result of these practices. Sometimes, the suffering is due to work or religion and at other times, due to the taboos existing in the society or the wrecked mentality of people. This article aims at highlighting these issues and the loopholes in law and implementation in order to protect the health of women who become a victim of such practices. The article also aims at conveying that though these health issues are not contagious, but are still affecting lives of thousands of people and require urgent attention.


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