Green Collar Crimes – A Crime against Environment and Wildlife​​

Rupali Baghel
Jagran Lakecity University, School Of Law, Bhopal (M.P), India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

In the current world scenario Green Collar crime is one of the major concern of the India as well as all over the world. Basically, Green Collar Crime are those crimes which are committed against the Environment and wildlife. Green Collar crimes are designated under the organized criminal activities in the world and comes under the fourth largest areas of crime in the list of structured crimes around the world. The criminal activities against the Environment and wildlife are increasing steadily and its adverse effect on ecosystem and the enormous damage to humankind attracted the world’s attention towards these crimes committed against the nature on the daily basis.

The present paper is an attempt to mark the crimes committed against environment and wildlife. It mainly focuses upon statutes, laws and policies in India, relating to environmental protection and prevention. This paper shall also briefly discuss the various existing National and International legal framework (environmental protection) which are available and their applications, problems and remedies available for it.

Keywords: Environment, wildlife, crime, protection, pollution.