Good Laws Need Better Implementation

Ashutosh Anand
NMIMS School of Law, Mumbiai
Maharashtra, India

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

Law making by the Parliament is only the first step into addressing gaps in our legal system or our constitution, but what they usually forget is, it is only half a battle won. It is the implementation of those laws that tests its effectiveness in addressing problems in the real world. Poor implementation of these laws will make even the greatest laws ineffective.

Parliament has 24 subject-specific committees which scrutinise laws. These committees also oversee the work of different ministries and departments. The rules of the Parliament should be updated so that instead of two committees, these 24 committees are empowered to review rules made by the ministries and authorized departments. Focus of 24 committees combined into overseeing specific, technical and sectoral matters related to various departments and ministries will bring the much-needed rigour to the scrutiny of rules by the Parliament.


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