Going Further Than the Truth’ – Socio-Legal Analysis of Women Empowerment in Modern India

Aditi Saini
LL.M. (Panjab University), PGD (NLSIU Bangalore)

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

This paper shall endeavor to answer a basic question – Has empowerment become a pre-requisite for women in India? If yes, then why? In what social arena of circumstances has the need been felt? The author firmly believes that despite far-reaching projected effects that today’s stringent laws seem to demonstrate; the tangible state of women in India is far from tolerable. Laws and court judgments, no matter how authoritative and well-put, cannot yield the necessary consequences that are often prophesized during their state of the nativity. The author seeks to illumine the dark corners of prejudice and illogical orthodoxy in which women seem to find themselves, time and again. Law alone becomes a rusted sword, its efforts thwarted by cultural conventions and beliefs that blind us and seep into our very roots. Successes and failures of Indian Legislature and Judiciary to do the same have also been highlighted. A brief focus has also been laid on channels that can be capitalized on, to achieve this goal. This research will provide a condensed and brief outlook upon the prevailing condition of women in India and showcase the escalating divergence between what is projected to be the truth and what is the actuality. The author has also taken the liberty to support the claim through doctrinal research hinging on secondary data sources related to India and further suggested certain measures and ways, as per a law student, which can be employed to prevent India’s long evidential history of oppressing and degrading women.

Keyword(s): Channels, Empowerment, Laws, Prejudice, Stringent, Suppressing, Women.


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