Global Fight for LGBTQ Rights – A Look at How Far We’ve Come and The Road Ahead

Madhulika Iyer 
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

A society, however, ‘developed’ or progressive it may seem has always endured and enabled layers of discrimination against marginalized communities. To understand the success and prosperity of a society one must always probe, analyze, and review the rights, standard of living, and laws governing those who have endured gross oppression and are considered vulnerable. One such section of the society which has suffered reprehensible, despicable discrimination is the LBGTQ community. Throughout the world, the community has been ostracized, victimized, and has been subject to heinous mental and physical torture. The author in this paper aims to put forth the laws governing LGBTQ rights which exist in the USA, UK, Canada, and India. The author has made a comparative analysis of existing conditions and the rights of this marginalized community in the above countries. The author has shed light on the history of these countries and the pre-existing conditions under which these countries formulated their laws, identified certain shortcomings in these laws, and has provided her suggestions. The article also aims to paint a picture of the current conditions of the LGBTQ community existing today and seeks to answer whether the so-called most modern civilization of man has managed to integrate this community into society and have upheld their basic rights. Are The USA, UK, Canada, and India who are epitomized as countries who value, preserve and protect human rights, setting the right example and paving the way for other developing countries to recognize, rehabilitate and empower the LGBTQ community? The author aims to answer this and more.