Geo Politics and Dharmic Future of International Law

Aswin Rome Pon Saravanan
School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The Article expresses the identification of monarchy, capitalism, communism and socialism. With the Geopolitics of the particular type of government run countries and their influence over the globe in covering both positive and negative aspects. It also examines the international law with its weakness and needs in maintaining the international peace and security with the proof obviously available in the international law itself and United Nations Organization It further prescribes the social consequences which happens in the very present day at different types of government, whether it is monarchy or capitalist or communist or socialist. This paper discusses about the future of international law in comparison with the philosophies of Gandhi who is the frontier of global peace. The Gandhian Philosophy which prescribes non-violence and ahimsa should be the cannon of international law. Any law made without or against the ethics is against the humanity. I wanted to live in a world with no boundary, no nation or any other differentiation. This philosophy is not a new one to the world but has been stated 3,500 years ago by a Tamil Literati called Kaniyan Poongundran. For many years, violence and weapons led the world. Only in recent days, knowledge and wisdom starts its domination over the humans. In a knowledge and wisdom dominated world, global peace should be the primary motive without any selfishness or any other dominations. The article also examines the inefficiency of International Court of Justice and contradictory of International Law with the happenings in the history by the name of Veto power. It also provides a solution to make the law more efficient than the present. But we may think in a nuclear weapon dominated world, it is not a possible one to achieve the international peace. But actually, Change is the only thing which never change. The change towards a non-violent society or a non-violent globe mentality is the primary process of attaining the international peace and security. When the thought changes so do the action change. Each and every actions and laws should be made in with the ethics not to dominate others. The international organization also must concentrate on the issues in maintaining the international balance of power and should be strong to interrogate any dominance by any nation without having obstacle by any of veto power. The Article also describes the sociological aspects of consequences faced by every type of country in the globe. In Conclusion, any laws should be made with ethics in order for a better future and peaceful, cooperative globe. The international law must also be effective to control the dominance of certain countries either by direct or indirect political, and economic over other countries. In the words of Gandhiji, use of force for offence and defense is different. Any activities or laws if violates the ethics. It goes against the humanity. Ethics should be made as laws.

“Dharma is to protect the needy”


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