Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity for Social Economic Developments

Ishan Bhardwaj 
University Institute of Laws, Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Gender parity means the equality given to the genders in the society, where they are given equal opportunities to enhance their skills and it also includes the participation in decision making process. Here gender not only means male and female but also the third gender i.e. transgenders should also be treated as other genders of the society. Transgenders are two million in our country so they should also be treated as other minorities and economic help shall be provided to them as well. Gender equality must be in such a way that better utilisation of the resources shall be done, every individual shall be given the work in which they are fully efficient. When they will be given work according to their skills it will result in better productivity and also socio-economic development of the country. Men are always seen as caregivers and shelter providers to the women, this stereotype thought process can be improved only through the path of equality. In the present era women are no less than a man if are given equal chances as men. Women are gaining success in every field either in education, sports, politics or at borders. Men on the other hand shall be taught, how to treat other human being as equal no more or less. Women doesn’t want sympathy instead they want respect. Women empowerment shall be in such a way that it must help the women to grow on their own and not with anyone’s help. And fake feminism must be kept out of the way of the path of gender equality.


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