Future of Dispute Resolution Mediation a Pathway for Resolving National and International Dispute

Abhishek Tripathi and Bhavuk Narula
Lloyd Law College, Delhi, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

Mediation is one of the oldest and most common dispute resolution mechanisms in international dispute. When it is applied correctly it can help to mange or settle a dispute.  Many questions about the process can be posed, but the most interesting questions relates to the need to understand when a mediation effort succeeds or fails to settle or resolve an international dispute and how mediation helps in resolving the international dispute. This article answers these questions, including the relationship between strategies employed by a mediator, and mediation outcomes.  A number of attempts to explain the association between the choice of mediation strategies and mediation outcome have been made; few, however, have provided specific conditions where the effectiveness of certain mediation strategies becomes noticeable. This paper also attempts to fill this gap and also deals with effective strategies of mediation, Tashkent declaration, Algiers Agreement in 1975 and Algiers Accords.

Keywords: International Dispute, Tashkent declaration, Algiers Agreement in 1975 and Algiers Accords.