Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting/Circumcision (FGM/C)
(A Heinous Crime against Women)

Gazal Khan
Symbiosis International University​, India

Volume II – Issue V, 2019

Female genital mutilation is a terminology used to describe a wide variety of cultural and traditional practices that involves partial or overall elimination of outside female genital for cultural, spiritual and social motives. This cultural exercise is a violation of rights of females as a gender. This article presses over the socio-legal standpoint on Female Genital Mutilation and argues against the practice of FGM/C. Therefore this research paper is divides itself into 3 parts. The first part shall discuss about the basic concept of FGM/C, the history, background and origin of FGM. The second division of the paper shall discuss about the rationale behind the practice and dynamics of the bohra community, further the idea that FGM/C is not a communal issue rather a human rights issue, shall be discussed. Further the socio legal aspect shall be put to a standpoint, throwing light on the law prevailing domestically and globally.  The third element i.e. the third part of the research paper,  will analyses the human rights of teenage girls  and women also covering the ambit of  the right health, the right equality and sexual and physical integrity. Finally, the paper will give up via the concluding remarks of the writer. 

Keywords: FGM/C, Legal aspect, need of modified law, International perspective, Indian perspective.

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