Federalism in India

Rishabh Vyas AND Nikita Bokil
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

India, Bharat or Hindustan, a land of diversified culture, languages, religions, & geography, has survived as a democratic and sovereign nation for more than 7 decades with prosperity & unity. Our guiding force, Constitution of India, provide us the philosophy of Unity in Diversity. No other nation in this world has such a great diversity and living with unity. Constitution has played a vital role in successful governance of its own source of power, people of the land, & state. One of the most important pillar on which our governance system depends, stood as the basic structure of the constitution of India, is ‘Federalism’ .

In this article we will analyses ‘whether our constitution is truly federal or it is quasi-federal or it is unitary in nature’ or ‘do we follow Federalism in India or not’. We will also look into, what federalism is? Why it is evolved as the effective form of governance? From where it got evolved, its theories?  Does our constitution have any federal features? Then we will see which countries follows federalism and their comparison with India.


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