Fake News- A tool to confuse the Freedom to Choose

Rasika P. Bangre
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

The development in technology results in the growth of the nation. But when this development in technology is used as tool against growth, violence prevails. Social media plays a very significant role in influencing the lives of people. The choices that an individual makes, is deeply influenced by the social media tools. Not just this but the publication of fake news have profoundly impacted the brain of an individual to such an extent that even before circulating any such fake news or misinformation, the validity of the same is not even questioned. The right to choose and the right to informed choice both have been threatened by the growing trend of Fake news. Since every individual has the right to freedom of speech and expression, the regulation of fake news is one of the most difficult task before the state. The creation of fake news and the absence of regulatory mechanism in controlling such menace have led to its tremendous growth in last three decades. This rising trend have manipulated various arena’s including the rights of the individuals, the communication and political structure of the country. The unexpected political scenarios, increasing threat to public peace and the disturbance in the social environment are the result of the growing trend of Fake news. The vagueness in the law is also a reason as to why this menace is difficult to control.


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