Fair Trial: A Global Right

 Legal Officer, The South Indian Bank Ltd.

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

The focus of this paper is to unravel the concept of fair trial. The initial chapters of the paper shall introduce the concept of trial and fair trial. The edifice of fair trial cemented by natural justice principles is the succeeding part. Explanation of fair trial as a human right is also given in nutshell. This is followed by the multifaceted dimensions of fair trial and the barriers in its way. A glimpse at the international instruments germane to the aforementioned right to fair trial and an analysis of a few cases across the globe occupies the next segment. The Indian position accompanied by the scrutiny of the quintessence of seven recent judgments (2016 verdicts) relevant to the topic at hand is unveiled in the chapter that trails by. Finally, the authors view on the topic gives the concluding remarks.


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