Extra-Judicial Execution: In Light of Vikas Dubey Incident

Vidhi Chouradia
National Law University, Nagpur, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

In India, extra-judicial executions are witnessed since the history of police. Most individuals appears in favor of this act of the police. The politics of undisguised fake encounters like that of Vikas Dubey is a spot on Indian democracy. The whole occurrence appears to be a Bollywood movie but tragically it is not. These sort of incidents appears great in a movie of three hour but it is creating lawlessness in the real world. Extra-judicial killing is against the procedure established by law. In spite of that, the cases of encounter by police is rising with each passing day.

The notion that individuals have in their mind with respect to extra-judicial killings is that of ‘quick justice’. The faith of people is shifting towards the retributive form of justice. The criminals needs not to be punished by arbitrary killings but as per to procedure set up by law. The aim of this paper is to dissect the encounter of Vikas Dubey, reasons for the rise in fake encounters, look into the laws concerned to extra-judicial killing. Further, the paper throws a light on the view of the Supreme Court on this issue.