Enactment of Law for the Protection of Women against Cyber Crime

Suruchi Yadav and Srijana Chandel
Amity Law School, Amity University, Chhattisgarh, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

As far as innovative technology promotes our brilliance and provides social connectivity, it also affects our uprightness and confidential life. Cybercrime leads to downtrodden which may cause social assault all over the world. The intimate existence of men and women are affected by these cyber criminals. ”are the women in 21st century safe?” NO, on a daily basis women’s are abused in front of the community due to cybercrime women’s are forced to become the victim of social assault like rape, molesting, harassment, etc. which causes mental disorder which also leads to affliction of physical health care. In order to provide protection against cybercrimes government has introduced Indian IT act, 2000. It is the primary Indian law which deals with CYBER

CRIME and E- COMMERCE. This act covers whole of India and recognizes electronic records and digital signatures. In order to empower society in cyber security the young generation has to be encouraged.

The present paper seeks to clarify how the cybercrime is demolishing our young innovative generation and exploiting women esteem by menacing, this paper also elaborates the various measures which have been taken by Indian government to curb exploitation of women through electronic mediums like cyber cell, police helpline, cops, etc.

Keywords- cybercrime , rights of women, , forced , crime , helpline , harassed , penalties, punishments , fundamentanl rights