Electoral System

Jagriti Thakur
Lloyd law college, Greater Noida
UttarPradesh, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2018

This paper will focuses on electorate system; the modern democracy is also called representative democracy. The voters caste their votes to elect their representative, the candidate who gets the larger number of votes is declared to be successful. There are 2 methods of election 1. Direct method of election 2. Indirect method of election about their merits and demerits.

We shall study about the different elections system and basis of franchise like – franchise on the basis of property, Franchise on the basis of Education and Franchise on the basis of gender and UNIVERSAL ADULT FRANCHISE. Before, making election the study of different electoral systems we shall make used in this context –The people who caste votes are called voters or Electors and discuss universal adult franchise arguments in the favour and in against. Minority Representation- According to the present electoral system everybody did not get proper representation and so many votes to go waste also and there is Proportional representation system and this system had two methods and they are –Single transferable system and List system. There are some methods to give representation to minorities –Limited Vote system, Cumulative vote system, Communal representation system, Second ballot system, reservation of seats and Nomination will discuss in research paper in detail.


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