Election Commission Of India And Its Independence—A Critical Study

Dr. Mohana Rao Pedada
LL.M, P.hD
Former Assistant Professor of Law, India

Volume II – Issue V, 2019

It is learnt that Election Commission of India is built on Canadian model, following the Dominions Act of 1920.[1]    The Election Commission of India (ECI) is an autonomous constitutional body with a power to administer the Union and State elections. Our Constitution confers three basic powers on the E C I i.e., 1) Advisory Powers,2) Administrative powers, 3) Quasi-Judicial Powers, under the first type it advises the President and the Governor regarding disqualification of Members of Parliament and State Assemblies In the Second type of powers it exercises Powers to mark areas of elections where requires, to prepare election rolls, to Control and superintendent elections etc., Under the quasi-judicial powers, the Commission also acts as a Court for settling disputes regarding recognition of political parties and their symbols.


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