Effects of Pandemic on the Rights and Obligations of Medical Practitioners

Vishakha V. Choudhari
NMIMS Kirit P Mehta School of Law, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

This research paper is an attempt at giving an insight of how the pandemic has affected the medical practitioners on an individual basis and has introduced dilemma of serving the sick while putting their lives on the line. Some volunteer by the virtue of inherent morally strong character, while some root for individual choices. Taking the government’s perspective into count and the opinions around the issues of violence and legal obligations to render services, it turns out that if the pandemic affects everybody the same, then the cake of responsibilities should be cut into equal halves. This would possibly ensure the doctors do not feel like this is not the occupational hazard they signed up for. The strength of every institution lies in the individual effort put by everybody who is a part of it.

Keywords- medical practitioners, obligations, pandemic, responsibility.


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