Drug Abuse – An Addictive Hell

V. Harini & S.S. Sanjay Krishnan
SASTRA Deemed to be University, Thirumalaisamudhram, Thanjavur
TamilNadu, India

Volume II – Issue III, 2019

Drug Abuse is the concept of consuming a said drug which is legal or illegal in nature in a systematic way that is inconsistent in accordance with the medical practices. The authors have clearly analyzed the notion of drug abuse with the basic ideas about the Drug and its types, and how the use of these drugs affect the human body. People consume these sporadic drugs thinking that it would be fun and also relieves stress but they leave the other part of the usage which will eventually have a very strong ill impact in human beings. The authors have also discussed the drug abuse which is been happening in India and have compared it to the foreign countries. Further, the legal aspects of Drug Abuse in India with that of foreign countries has been conceptualized. The authors have concluded that the prevention of illegal drugs and addiction lies only on prohibiting the same and not just spreading news explaining its ill effects. Addiction reduces only when the country adheres to its harsh drug laws.


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