Doors a Legislation has to go through in India ​

Ishaan Singh Jain
H.P. National Law University, Shimla, India.
Pushp Sharma
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

This research paper, as the name suggests, talks about various steps that are included in the process of making of legislation. The laws or the acts (legislations) that act as the rules of a country for maintaining peace, order and rights of the people has a very important and interesting process of its origination. This research paper talks about how the policy line of a bill is prepared and how it is legally scrutinized by the ministry of law in its initial stages which goes on further to the preparation of first draft by junior legislative counsel. The researcher in his paper also discusses an important aspect of legislative impact assessment in the preparation of a bill which is not a necessary step in India that is to be followed but needs to be followed as it is done by countries like Finland etc. The researcher in his paper goes further to discuss various other doors that a legislation has to go through till it gets the assent of the president of India to become the law of the land. This research paper also highlights some of the views that are given by our Hon’ble Supreme Court for understanding the true aspect behind the statement of object and reasons. This paper will help the readers to understand all the aspects of the legislation making process minutely.

Keywords: Legislation, Legislative Impact Assessment, Scrutiny, Junior Legislative Counsel