Do Minorities need to Feel Unsafe under Current Government​​

Prashant Shukla
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

This research paper aims to provide a comprehensive study of the facts and several topics with some eccentric views on this particular society. Research is based on why generally muslims of India don’t feel safe under the current Prime minister and his Government or are concerned about their future in India. Why they have this sort of negative kind of views regarding the current Government? If this is true that Muslims are treated unequally in this current scenario, than should India be called a purely democratic and secular country? This research has not been limited exclusively to discrimination or safety for India’s Muslims and raised some issues regarding Muslim laws challenged by the Government like triple Talaq and the current verdict of Ayodhya Ram mandir. With the views of society’s people, the researcher wants to create awareness about the myth or belief that Are muslims really have to fear the current Government or are really not safe under current Government and what makes them think about this and what are the reasons. It is important for society to know why muslims are not accepting the current prime minister as their leader and why they don’t want him to remain in power for society’s welfare. The Researcher main aim is to identify the loopholes exisisting in the current system. Moreover, in this paper it is also mentioned the motive of the Government that why they challenged muslim law and the aspects and on which ground they did this and actually Muslims are benefited by this particular step taken by Government or not. This is to rectify that the act implemented by the current Government and the work done by his Government for muslims really deserve criticism or It is just a dim view towards a particular government.