Divorce Law in Goa: An Analysis

Pearl Monteiro
Assistant Professor, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law,
Goa, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

The Land of Goa has a uniqueness envied by many. One of its most endearing features, its uniform civil code has received praise both from academicians as well as the judiciary. However, the various provisions of the Civil Code remain a mystery for most people, be it academicians or legal fraternity in the rest of the country.

The Supreme Court in a plethora of judgments has called upon the legislature to enact a uniform civil code for the country. The Constitution also exhorts the State  to enact a uniform civil code for its citizens. This provision is however a directive principle of state policy and as such it is not perceived as mandatory thereby justifying the State inaction.

The tiny State of Goa has an unparallel opportunity to lead by example and fill this lacuna. The Research Paper summarizes the law of divorce applicable to all Goans irrespective of religion or domicile.

The Research Paper incorporates legislative provisions as well as judicial precedents. It is an attempt to present, clarify and analyze the law.


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