Development of Human Rights Jurisprudence in India: An International Perspective

Zakia Khan and Ruksana
Aligarh Muslim University, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The foundation of human right is as old as the history of human being itself. Yet it became the main concern in 13th century when the first written law of Magna Carta 1215, came to existence. It has been common understanding that human right have got international consideration after the Second World War, it was this aghast which lead to the formation of United Nation with the aim to develop friendly relation among nation .The urging need of Human Right was an important realizations for the  struggle for Indian Independence from Colonial rule.  Free India addressed itself to the formulation of Human rights through the legal instrument of the constitution. The human rights content of the Indian Constitution is a complex Amalgam of Civil and political rights, economic and social rights etc. Since Indian Constitution Civil and political right in Part III and economic and social right in part IV therefore a comparison with the international covenant is must .For the proper implementation of the human rights in India there is a institutional follow up in the form of National Human Right Commission whose main purpose is to watch Human right protection and to defend whenever there is a violation thereon. Hence in this paper we would be dealing with the perspective of India in ratifying the international convention for the protection of human right and giving the citizen of India the sense of equal right and self-determination as well as appropriate measures to strengthen world peace.