Death Penalty in India​

Devansh Agarwal
Bennett University, Greater Noida, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

India is a developing country and second most populated country in the world so it’s very natural that the crime rates in India are increasing significantly. There are a number of legislations present in India to stop and control crimes, and most of them believe that severe punishment should be able to reduce the increasing crime rates. All punishments have a strong foundation which says that all the wrongdoers/offenders shall be awarded penalties. There are different types of punishments in India such as simple imprisonment, imprisonment with fine, life imprisonment, the death penalty, etc. The death penalty is also known as Capital Punishment which is the most severe form of punishment that could be awarded to an offender. There are various methods by which the death penalty is carried out in the world. In India Hanging and Shooting are two execution methods.​y