Cybercrime: A Legislative Overview

Gauri Anil Tote 
MMCC Law College, Pune

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Computer technology has provided a pathway to human life and adds precision, speed and efficiency. There is a potential for all of us to become victims of the rising pool of offenders who skillfully navigate the Internet. Cyberspace, also referred to as the Internet, is an intangible and complex environment. Cyber-crime is a major growing problem in the current legal scenario for the nation. The exponential rise in cyber-crime makes information security an essential part of our lives.

The paper focuses on the legal implications of cyber-crime under acts of Information Technology Act 2000 and 2008, Indian Penal Code 1860, The Bankers’ Books Evidence Act 1891, Indian Evidence Act 1872 and the latest draft of Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 and focuses on the significance of cyber-security law to achieve a cyber-safe environment.


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