Cyber Squatting: Need for Comprehensive and Standalone Legislation

Vani Dhawan
Vivekananda Institute of professional studies, GGSIPU, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Trademarks are the words, images, expressions, logos or mottos which recognizes and recognize one business from other. Trademarks encroachment can be generally seen nowadays, so as to pick up benefit from the altruism from a current brand name. One such method of brand name encroachment is cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is alluded as the way toward enlisting, selling or utilizing an area name with the goal of benefitting from generosity of another person’s current brand name. It alludes to the act of purchasing up area names, which incorporates the names of existing business, with a mal purpose to offer them at a benefit to those legitimate proprietors or to claim to be a genuine site of the brand to confound or bamboozle the clients and possible clients. Indian law doesn’t have a particular resolution systematized to manage the instances of cybersquatting however there are relating laws and global structure in such manner yet they miss the mark to manage the regularly expanding hazard of cybersquatting.

The paper intends to clarify the current lawful situation of the nation, related Indian laws and universal systems relevant to the equivalent, how legal executive has managed these cases without a particular law overseeing it, investigating the structure of different wards.

The exploration technique is doctrinal and have utilized optional wellsprings of data to come to end results.

Keywords – trademarks, cybersquatting, universal structure, brand names, encroachment.