Cyber Squatting: A study of Legal framework in India

Shaunak Deshpande
Symbiosis Law School Nagpur

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The growth of Commercial Activities on the Internet in the present era of information and communications technology makes Domain Names valuable business assets and a Trademark in the internet world. Due to the rapid growth, domain name disputes have increased in India. There have been increasing instances of domain name abuse and misuse in the form of cyber-squatting. Indian Courts have held the domain names as online trademarks and business identifiers. However, due to the absence of a specific law, the courts have not been consistent in imposing fines and giving relief to the plaintiffs. Therefore, a comprehensive law against cyber-squatting that grants adequate protection to domain names is the need of the hour in India. This Research Paper focuses on Judicial decisions and the current legal framework relating to cyber Squatting in India. It also gives a global perspective on Cyber Squatting laws and International framework. At the same time, the research paper highlights the need for a specific Domain Name Protection Law in India. This Research Paper Aims to find what are the laws that are currently in place in India that protect Domain Names, the issues with them, understanding the International Framework and understanding the need for a specific Domain Name Protection Law in India

Key words: Domain Name, India, cyber-squatting, Trademark, Indian Laws


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