Cyber Phishing: A Trap of Disguise during the COVID-19

Saksham Kumar AND Harsh Vardhan Singh
New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Does security defines technology or technology defines security? The internet has grown at a rapid scale in the 21st century especially in India which has been accompanied with threats of cyber crimes. Cyber crimes in these days come with many forms under which one form is cyber phishing. According to many reports, Cyber phishing in India has surged amidst the country’s unprecedented coronavirus lockdown. In one of the reports published by Reuters, cyber phishing during the lockdown has soared in the country by 87 % in between March and April only.

There has been an inundation of fake apps, links, domain names and websites in order to steal personal information and data including bank account details especially when the companies across the globe and even the Indian Government are encouraging towards ‘work from home’ via the online medium. In this paper we will discuss about the cyber fishing how it’s surging amidst the coronavirus and we will also try to figure out the answer of the question asked above. 

Keywords: Cyber Fishing, Cyber Crime, Technology, Internet, Lockdown.


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