Cyber Crimes against Women – Instances, Inconsistencies in Law and Remedies Proposed

Akshit Gupta
Bharti Vidyapeeth University, New Law College, Pune, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

The digital age is advancing at a livid pace. It is a rare sight nowadays to see anyone without carrying a mobile phone or using any such electronic device almost on a daily basis.However, it is a matter of growing concern that the cyber space is becoming a particularly desolate and venomous area for a large number of users, more particularly women. It is, thus, most ironic that the digital domain, considered to the most secure and theft-proof depository of confidential information has been targeted by, violated and compromised by perverse elements more than any other medium. In this paper, I tend to scrutinize the various methods through which cyber criminals operate with a particular objective to outrage, demean and libel the modesty of women, and/or, try to infiltrate their financially or socially confidential credentials. Furthermore, I would try to elucidate a handful of measures that can be carried out, both on individual as well as collective level, to mitigate this hazard against the interests of women.


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