Custodial Deaths with Reference to Prevention against Torture Bill, 2017​t

Kashish Gupta
Lovely Professional University, Punjab

Volume III – Issue IV, 2020

Custodial death refers to death of the accused in the police custody or by the encounter of the accused by the public servants such as police officials, even without the orders of the court. The useless torture made by the officials to accused even without knowing that whether they are really accused or not. Why such encounters are being made? For the promotion in department?, for getting name, fame and pictures in the front pages of the newspapers?, or for getting extra-money? Now the question arises that how the police officials get extra money? Sometimes they know that person arrested is actually the accused, but the representatives (friends, family or relatives) of the accused bribe the officials to release the actual person and arrest some other person. There is strict need of law to curb this problem. The Prevention Against Torture Bill, 2017 is still pending in the parliament and is waiting to be called as act. Also a movie named “Jolly LL.B 2”depecits the same the scene, that how the police officials release the actual accused and arrest some other person, and latter on his back the official shoots him; why this happened? It was because the officer was bribed. We should just keep one thing in mind that if the situation didn’t came in control, then the whole system will be corrupt, as all such termite like people will eat the system.


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